More than twenty years in teaching.  I love facilitating opportunities and activities that enable children to learn and I continue to learn each day!

Passionate that education should: teach skills for life, not just knowledge; always be inclusive; ensure very supportive and nurturing pastoral care; be relevant to the children’s experiences; be creative, fun and engaging; make effective use of new technologies; provide a global perspective; enable children to have responsibilities and contribute to moving their school forward


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Lisa (Woman Wielding Words) said:

    I’m glad to have discovered you through the 100WC, as we both seem to believe in similar things when it comes to educating children (as well as passivity).

  2. Likewise Lisa! : ) here’s to the on-going journey and unfolding/shared stories!

  3. I was looking for hints of where you are based & thought I need to echo Lisa’s words. That’s why we get on so well I reckon!

    • Julia I have chosen to be anonymous so I have a degree of freedom in what I post. Whilst I have no intention of posting anything outrageous I like the fact I am free to be me and no one can make assumptions . . . .

      I very much value our links through Twitter and blogs too!

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