I love a bargain, I think we all do! But when it comes to creating energy my bargain mentality stops. As a global society, where we impact one another by our actions, have we not learnt lessons from the nuclear power station disaster in Japan? Life is precious and cannot be taken for granted. The proposed plan for a new nuclear power station development at Hinkley Point in Somerset leaves me cold and deeply concerned.

When nuclear power goes wrong it’s ‘massive’ and personally I do not believe it is ever worth the risk.

For me personally it is not about the money we spend or save as energy consumers, it is about the bigger picture, the future of neighbourhoods/vast areas – the potential for contamination and the negative/life threatening impact on health and life expectancy for a very significant number of years.

I love a beautiful environment and we need to source energy with care. Wind farms for example need to be located with sensitivity. But some developments we risk at our peril. Sometimes the potential risks are not worth the short term financial gains. For me nuclear power will never be an option, we have to develop other sources of energy.