We have the choice to be ‘trailblazers’ or to stand in the wake of innovation and then reflect in the months to come that we played it too safe . . .

Why not use BYOD/mobile devices in school? Children are using them out of school, so why not maximise the educational opportunities and benefits?

BYOD WILL happen in schools. It is merely a question of time.

We deal with ‘damage limitation’ everyday at school, eSafety and cyber bullying, and to date no situations/issues in our school have happened in school time / via school devices; rather they have happened at home via family computers.

So why not bring the positives of using your own devices into the classroom, ‘flipping’ the classroom and at the same time teaching children how to use their own devices safely and appropriately?

We cannot expect or rely on 100% access to any given device, but children will share devices and contribute what they have found . . .

Schools have limited capital so it makes wise financial sense too.

What is needed is:
. a fast, reliable and secure network, with robust WIFI network throughout the school
. the best possible Internet connections and sufficient/a high level of media storage
. the ability to ‘redistribute the bandwidth’ when there is overload, e.g. restrict usage of YouTube at times when there is excessive usage
. teachers who are willing not just to teach but also to learn from pupils. NB teachers cannot know every App and new technological development – we have to let pupils contribute and ‘shape’ future initiatives.

If we ‘fly the flag’ for creativity in teaching and learning and pupils being independent learners, increasingly, there seems to be only one way forward . .? Senior Leaders and Governors need to embrace ‘the tech revolution’ and support initiatives.

I am looking for examples of where this process is moving forward positively so I can share the benefits, please contact me/share what is working well . . . . Thank you.