Twice this week we have needed to close School due to snow.  On both occasions we used our school Twitter account to help keep parents informed.

Why was it invaluable?

1.  Easy access for parents on their mobile ‘phones where ever they were, or via computers at work or home

2.  We could keep sending out messages.  We have ‘an email/text provider’ to send information to parents, I will not share the name, but when many schools use the system at the same time messages are delayed or the system hits overload and you cannot send any messages

3. School websites are fine, but they are not as easy/quick to access on a mobile ‘phone as Twitter

4. We (any staff with authorised access to the school Twitter account) could change and update information instantly, without the need for any ICT support in relation to the School website or a message by an outside provider

1 – 4 = invaluable!