I am seeking advice and help to find a suitable hand-held device for teaching staff.

What I am looking for is a device that can take photos and notes and upload them direct to a) a website and b) an email account. Ideally will minimal programming needed for direct linkage into a website. I want it to be quick/manageable for staff rather than a burden and avoid downloading and uploading, by direct linkage.

I am thinking perhaps 1 device, ideally 2 (one for each class), per year group to help with recording progress/assessment evidence and sharing a snap shot of learning with parents each week.

What would you see as the main options? What device would you recommend and why? Is it manageable, realistically, by an ICT support member of staff or do I need to consider ‘out sourcing’ to an ICT provider?

I would welcome comments or a reply by Twitter, many thanks in anticipation of responses!

Do you have other suggestions on what I would be wise to consider at this time?