We have all been to school and therefore we all have views on what education should be like.  Our experiences have shaped our opinions.  However, that does not make everyone that has been to school educational experts . . .

My hopes for education in 2013 are that:

  • Heads nationally would have the vision, energy and motivation to lead their schools forward in the most positive and dynamic ways for the needs and context of their school community (it is a self-less, lonely and very demanding position)
  • the sharing of ideas and initiatives between leadership,teachers and governors, and the genuine support for all, would help to build the strongest and most dynamic educational communities, for the benefit of the pupils
  • educational policy and decision makers would embrace the fact that there are different and equally valid approaches and models to education and ‘one size’ does not fit all
  • the Government/ministers and newspapers/journalists would highlight excellence in education rather than seeking to re-define and re-shape education on what seems like a monthly basis (one can dream!)