Many educators are sharing a range of Apps that they are finding beneficial, which is clearly invaluable and extremely helpful for everyone!  There are so many new Apps appearing and reading how others are using them and which ones they recommend can save significant time and help us avoid downloading and paying for Apps that we then realise are not the best ones available, or the most suitable for our school’s specific context and needs.

In some ways it is rather ad hoc which Apps we spot via tweets, or a link blog post, depending on when we view Twitter and how we group and filter tweets etc.

I would like to make a suggestion, how about making a tweak on the hashtag #ff i.e. #ffedapps, on Fridays?  People could tweet the hashtag, the name of the App and hashtag the subject or skills it develops, e.g. #ffedapps ‘name of App’ #creativewriting. Simple and straightforward and easy to find.  In addition a link to a blog post could be given.

It gives the weekend to explore the Apps or details could be saved until the following week, depending on people’s preferences in when they research and plan.

I will wait with interest to see on Friday if others feel this would be helpful and start to share using this hashtag and if key people will re-share Apps details and information.  Alternatively people could hashtag #edapps which I have just discovered is already in use.