The Windows 8 hybrid is seen as a true turning point that will transform the PC, laptop and tablet market.  Now you really can have it all!

I am excited by the launch of the Windows 8 hybrids this week which combine the laptop and tablet.  They give all the programs and options you would expect with a laptop (one of the draw back of the iPad – not having e.g. ‘word’), plus the interactivity of a touch screen which we all crave increasingly.

I am trying to contain my delight and excitement at this creative combination that so many of us have longed for and in my case caused me to hold fire on the purchase of an iPad.  I love the more visual presentation on the screen when using Windows 8.  No longer do you go via the start button but rather you select the relevant icon on the screen.  Colours and design make it a more enlivened experience.  Having 128GB storage against the 64GB max. of the iPad is a real plus which I am sure will appeal to many of us.

The gentleman in the shop wisely said, its early days and ideally hold fire with a purchase until any initial glitches have been addressed.  Certainly reviews on-line would suggest there are a number of teething problems to be resolved, ranging from quality of build, to design and portability (comfort and weight).

Currently there are very few Windows 8 hybrids out there.  Today I was only able to view a couple of models from Sony (which nevertheless I have to say I was impressed by!).  However, give it a few weeks and all the manufacturers will have their models available.  I gather there was a push to get some out for the launch of windows 8 but the deadline was not realistic for many manufacturers.  Then in a few months the ranges and diversity of options will be considerable.

I will be going for a hybrid in 2013 because it will enable me to embrace everything I wish to using one piece of technology, rather than having 2 or 3 different pieces of kit to cover everything; but that is a personal choice.

I wonder where it will leave schools who have gone down the 1 to 1 iPad route for all pupils.  I cannot imagine Apple will ever facilitate ‘word’ on its products.  Did these schools invest too heavily, too soon?  Time will tell.

Not surprisingly the hybrid option comes with a significant price tag, but give it a year or so and these will come down.

Technology never looked more exciting . . .  However, if the manufacturers do not ‘deliver to the full’, with hybrids being as good or better than the current laptops and tablets, they risk consumers not buying in.

Post note:  Went to view hybrid options again today with a view to purchasing one.  The assistant said there was no guarantee Apple apps would run or work fully on a Windows 8 PC/laptop . . . . there we are, the drawback, may be the ultimate answer is not here, yet . . . or was it just he wished to sell me an iPad and a new laptop?!  Decision on hold . . . .