100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#45

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This week’s prompt are the words in bold.

It was very evident that there’s a real buzz about the place. Clear leadership had been established and the careful delegation of tasks. A compelling vision had been embraced by all in the community and everyone understood their unique contribution. Precisely defined operational direction and pastoral routes had been implemented and were followed. Few challenged the status quo and those that did were dealt with strongly; there was no second chance here. Individuals busied themselves and their movements seemed almost automated at times. The result, their shared values and purposeful actions achieved the desired outcome. Any inspector would be impressed! The bees honey making continued to be outstanding!

This week I wanted to play around a little with school leadership, structure and teamwork and link this/add a twist at the end, the real buzz, that of bees. I will be interested to hear your thoughts on the piece . . .