100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#44

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My offering this week is not a skilfully crafted poem, but rather is simply thoughts shared in short phrases.  I have been reflecting on the significance of time, a lifetime, if we are granted the gift of sixty years . .

Sixty years, a Diamond Jubilee for the Queen

The Monarchy, the Commonwealth and the wider world have changed so much

Duty, service, and defender of the faith

A unique life, so different from the ‘average’, that it’s hard to comprehend fully

River pageant, concert, fireworks, service, banquet, the balcony appearance and fly pass

We celebrate sixty years, . . . . a lifetime?


In the same week I learn of the death of a young mother from cancer

She will not reach sixty years

Bearly half the years

Her small children have been left motherless

Such a tragic situation for her family and friends

Death has no respect for age


Different lives with different outcomes

The years cannot be taken for granted

Life is unpredictable and cannot be contained

Yet we journey on, playing our respective parts