100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups (100WCGU)

Week 32

This week’s prompt, to include take a leap of faith.

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Piece 1

It was 1992, apartheid had ended in South Africa, but it was a time of uncertainty and pockets of unrest.  Would she take a leap of faith?  Career wise some said it was suicidal, others said it was an amazing opportunity.  Based in Johannesburg life was full of adventures. Visiting schools in different areas she was privileged to meet amazing people seeking to educate children in the toughest of situations.  She heard the most moving stories and was confronted by extreme racism, suffering and poverty.  Any perceived leap of faith did not merit discussion;  here life had different parameters and one’s priorities were challenged daily.

Piece 2

When we try something new or do something we have never done before to varying degrees we take a leap of faith.  Our biggest leaps are the scariest, yet are generally where we learn and grow the most.  Through challenges, failures and successes our character, resilience and relationships are shaped and developed.  When we stop leaping we risk stagnating.  Today is project Feb29 which I hope will cause many in education to take a leap of faith by reviewing their school curriculum, to enable time for blogging and fostering global links.  Our children need to be competent in ICT skills and enriched as global citizens.