Today several of our classes have joined in the blogging project and have thoroughly enjoyed it!

The concept behind the initiative is that blogging gives the writer an audience and this is very motivating for learners, especially when it’s a global audience! This results in more engaged pupils in the classroom and improved standards of writing. The project today aims to highlight the opportunities and benefits and to encourage blogging globally. Our children really enjoyed it and for most it was their first experience of blogging, so a double positive!

I really hope today will inspire more educators globally to involve their children in blogging and that it will include linking with communities around the world. We can learn so much from the diversity and richness of the experiences and knowledge of others in different countries. We need to expand our classrooms and go global!

I recommend exploring QuadBlogging too . . .

Thank you to David Mitchell and your team of helpers for facilitating today. It’s been a great success on every level.