100WCGU Week 28

This is the promptYou bought her what . . . . punctuation as we wish, to link with Julia’s 60th birthday! To view other entries visit http://jfb57.wordpress.com

I am not sure how Mr S. will feel about this post?!  I hope it will be received in the spirit posted, a fun idea, maybe not one that many would do? . . .

His beloved Julia had reached 60 years of age!  A landmark in a lifetime, that deserved to be acknowledged and celebrated; but how?  Mr Skinner had given the matter great thought.

On the morning of his wife’s birthday he stood in the garden leaning on his spade; then stepped aside to reveal a dozen red rose plants arranged into a 60 in the newly created flower bed.

“You bought her what can only be described as a special and unique gift!” said one of their best friends.  “A celebratory, living design that will bloom for Julia year in year out and bring much pleasure!”

Happy Birthday Julia!  Sending love and best wishes on your 60th birthday.  Great to share writing, ideas and tweets! Gx