50/50 Word Challenge Part 1 100WCGU Week 24


This is the prompt for the next fortnight, The Season.  To view other entries visit http://jfb57.wordpress.com

The idea is to write 50 words on the theme of “The Season” and then for other people to carry on the story with another 50 words.

Below are my contributions, writing part 2 to a number of part 1 posts.  I hope you will enjoy them, I will add to them over the next week . . .

Another Season

Part 1 from Gill at: http://gillsrandomramblings.wordpress.com/2011/12/20/another-season/

Marsha pulled back the curtain and smiled softly at the blanket of snow covering the world outside her bedroom.
“Snow for Christmas”, she murmured.
A few months ago she hadn’t expected to see Christmas this year but her treatment had granted her another season, at least.
Now she’d come home…

Part 2 from me . . .

Marsha viewed her world differently now.   She valued each and every day as precious.  Her family and friends mattered to her even more than before.  She lived in hope that she would remain in remission or that a cure would be found.  She was determined to keep positive and fight!

Christmas Concert

Part 1 from Sally-Jayne’s brother Richard at :http://sjbwriting.wordpress.com/2011/12/22/954/

My shiny trumpet tooted, “Goodbye”, as it was placed in its sturdy zipped case, in anticipation of hibernating ‘til next year. The season of Christmas concerts for the brass band had ended. Other band members packed various sizes of musical instrument away and wished each other a very merry Christmas.

Part 2 from me

However, it was not time for the long sleep for my trumpet.  We headed to the centre of town.  Here we joined with other musicians.  It was not a regular concert, but just as important.  The audience grow as time passed; people of all ages coming in from the cold.


Part 1 posted by Lynda at :http://enterprisegran.blogspot.com/2011/12/somalia.html

In western countries they’ll be sitting at the table now, greedily attacking the golden roast, inhaling the delicious smells of gravy and cranberry sauce. Here, grovelling in the dust, plagued by flies, the emaciated child whimpers pitifully for want of a few grains of rice and some clean, fresh water.

Part 2 by me . .

The image on the News conveyed it all, but was the UK public moved by what they saw?  Moved enough to act?  Some spoke of potential corruption, aid not reaching those that needed it most, others sited needs nearer to home, but could anything compare with absolute starvation like this?