50/50 Word Challenge Part 1 100WCGU Week 24

This is the prompt for the next fortnight, The Season.  To view other entries visit http://jfb57.wordpress.com

These are my 50 opening words

The Season

A time for family and or friends?

Time for forgiveness or time to move on?

An opportunity for hope and love, or emptiness?

An event that speaks of our faith and or a social occasion?

Is it time to reflect as we head towards a new year?

Part 2 – Contributed by Rachelhttp://midlifesinglemum.blogspot.com/2011/12/season-continuations-and-endings.html

The last question on the exam was multiple choice. But on pondering all the options, she found she couldn’t honestly exclude any of them. Taking up her pen she wrote: f) All of the above, and circled it. She knew she’d sacrificed valuable points but some things just feel right.