The 100 word challenge for grown ups, Week 22.

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Prompt, is it me or are the bells ringing? (100 words plus 8 for the set phrase, equaling a total of 108 words)

Lower Maplehurst lay at the foot of the South Downs.  The village typified all that is quintessentially English, the village green with duck pond and oak trees, pubs, the cricket pitch and numerous antique shops.

The Reverend Kenning had cared for the parish for many years and made it his mission to know every family, even the newest residents.

Wednesday night, he sat by the fire enjoying his hot chocolate. “Is it me or are the bells ringing?  But bell ringing is Thursday night, what is going on?!”

“It’s my new iphone,” replied his wife, “I thought ‘bells’ would be a good ringtone for us!”

Laughter rang out . . . . .

If you can visualise the village and the Kennings then I have been successful . . .