The 100 word challenge for grown ups, Week 21.

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Prompt, the following photo.

Piece 1

He loved it at the lake house, far away from the city crowds, the demands of the office and the traffic noise; here he could relax and be free. The tall pine trees came close to the shoreline and stretched up the mountainside; the air was fresh and clean.  His thoughts were liberated and he could dream, write, create and recreate without restriction or interruption.  This place had a rustic beauty to it which he embraced and craved for on a regular basis.  It gave him time for family and friends, without life’s pressures and this was priceless to him.

Piece 2

She had run for miles and then hid in the wooden cabin.  The events of the day had been horrific.  She had fled and trusted her legs to carry her somewhere safe, where she could not be found or hurt.  Again and again the film played through her mind; she heard the sound of gunfire ring out and saw the helpless body crumple to the ground.   But it was not a film, she was there and it had happened.  Now she was hunted; they were seeking to track her down and she longed to be invisible and beyond their reach.