The 100 word challenge for grown ups, Week 20.

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Introduced by Julia Skinner who sets the weekly challenge . . . ‘Now for this week we are going topical again. King James bible celebrated it’s 400th birthday last week. Although it is a religious text is has formed our language across the years. It has some surprising phrases that we use often in everyday conversations.

The prompt this week is to use at least one of these.

…the powers that be / the apple of his eye / the writing on the wall…’

I thought why not use all three phrases, I like a challenge!!! 100 words, plus 14 words set text.

A double tragedy

Harry’s father described him as, ’the apple of his eye’.  Such was the depth of love between them.

However, this bond was stretched to the limit when Harry fell foul of the College authorities, not just once but on a regular basis.

The writing was on the wall, ‘the powers that be’ would expel him before the term was out; no other decision was possible now.

His father was devastated, it was more than he could bear.

He walked by the river one night and that was the last time he was seen.

It was a double tragedy, both for the family and the academic world.

The College President overwhelmed by events was dead.