The 100 word challenge for grown ups, Week 19.

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Prompt – ‘Are you sure it should be that colour?’  Focus on use of dialogue.

‘Are you sure it should be that colour?’ asked Brian.

‘It depends what you want it to represent.  What do the shapes and twists of the metal convey to you?’ asked the artist.

‘I’m not good at interpreting art,’ replied Brian.

‘Give it a go, there are no wrong answers, that’s the beauty of art!’ said the artist encouragingly.

‘Maybe new worlds and new adventures?’ suggested Brian.

The artist smiled and put his hand on Brian’s shoulder. ‘It’s interesting how your thoughts have brought meaning to the sculpture.  I like your interpretation, it’s fresh and inspiring! Thank you for sharing this.’

Brian thought the energy drink he had just gulped down may have helped free his ideas, but he did not think now was the time to say this!!

‘So what is your concern with the colour?’ asked the artist.

‘It’s the rose tint on the outside edges, I think it might look better on my Gran’s hair!’


(I may go for something with a forensic or vegetable theme later in the week.  Not too excited by this piece . . . )