Do you have a school Twitter account, if so please can you help me with some information?  Please comment in response to the following questions. Many thanks in anticipation of your response . .

1.  Who writes your school tweets?

2.  Who posts your tweets?

3.  On average how often is a school tweet posted?

4.  Who follows the school on Twitter?  parents, pupils, staff, other schools, people working in education, business/marketing companies and or?

5.  Why do you have a school Twitter account? To push information, for marketing, to engage and motivate parents, pupils and staff, to showcase your school, ..or?

6.  How long have you had a school Twitter account?

7.  What have you identified as the main benefits since you have started the school Twitter?

8. What are the pitfalls in having a school Twitter account?

9. Do to reply to tweets from others or is it only one way communication?

10. Please give any further advice you have for a school about to have a school twitter account.

Many thanks for your time and input, greatly appreciated!