The 100 word challenge for grown ups, Week 16.

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Prompt – think of the link photograph from the perspective of VEGETARIANS

Bert had fancied Lettice for as long as he could remember.  He was entranced by her fragile freshness in contrast to his beefy body and wanted them to be together.  He had endured the sizzling heat from the grill and then asked her to join him within a comfy bun.

Lettice’s parents were not keen.  As strict vegetarians they opposed the match sighting the destruction of rainforests for cattle grazing, soil erosion, the exploitation of local communities and capitalistic gains as their reasons why vegetables should not join with meat.  But Bert and Lettice were defiant, saying they felt right together!

Part 2 – The wedding (In response to Julia’s comment/request. Keeping to 100 words)

The Lettuce’s had considered objecting to the wedding, but could not substantiate any argument that applied in these modern times of equality between all food groups.

The ceremony had been brief, the receiving of sauces and the vow to be true to their organic roots.

Bert and Lettice had requested fancy dress, ‘super foods’, for their special day.  Members of the vegetable plot came as broccoli and avocados.  Bert’s relatives came as sausages and kebabs! This caused further tension as the Lettuce’s said the meat dishes weren’t ‘super foods’, but the Burger’s said they were taking the theme too literally!

Part 3 – Going away.

Bert and Lettice’s going away outfit was made from 100% recycled material, with a distinctive green motif identifying their organic status.  This ‘wrapper’ had become increasingly popular in the last few years.  They waited for transportation to their new life together.  Two hands stretched out towards them and they were off!

The tradition is burgers are never seen or heard of again after embarking on ‘the ultimate journey’; everyone believing that the next stage is much more fulfilling.

The Lettuce’s and Burger’s commissioned a sculpture to mark the monumental event, so the lives of Bert and Lettice were immortalised forever!

(Pen down, story finished!)