I have just read a great quote, which is a good starting point for what I wish to write about today, cutting edge education – moving to where teaching and learning is going to be.  I would welcome your thoughts in relation to this post and hope you will choose to ‘comment’ and suggest ideas and articles you have found helpful.  Thank you in anticipation!

Here is the quote, Wayne Gretsky, “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be”.

Whether we are still games players or need to remember back to school days this quote is so true.  We can be where ‘the puck is’ in education, current practice, ideas and resources or move to where we believe or hope ‘the puck is going to be’; cutting edge on what is possible and even what is seen as impossible by some/many.

If we aim to be cutting edge, innovative, creative and have a multilayered approach to the direction of teaching and learning in our schools then they are exciting places to be.  There is energy, vibrance, new initiatives to engage learners and a desire not to be limited by the status quo.  Equally there are varying degrees of associated risk that need to be managed (risks it might prove to be impractical and not work or the timing might be wrong).  This is where leadership comes in, judging the size and direction of the steps, the timing and pace of change.

A Head needs to have a clear vision which they share regularly and have the ability to lead the staff team into the developing and equally the unknown (and ensure the right level and type of support is in place along the way).   They will have given time to build the entire staff team to ensure they all feel equally valued, involved in decisions and able to contribute ideas.  They will be passionate about the direction the school is taking and they will desire to take all the team with them.

Here are the thoughts buzzing around my head currently:

Vision – How often should you review your vision?  Annually, every two years?  What’s the minimum time it’s wise to have vision for? How long do you keep a vision before you change it? Until it’s achieved or until review highlights it needs adjusting/to grow?

Technology – do we buy some school iPads now to add diversity to learning opportunities and compliment the school laptops and or BYOD? BYOD, should we limit options into school (makes and models, like they used to do with calculators) so there is a degree of equality and similar tasks can be undertaken by all?  Or should we consider introducing a school programme for pupils to purchase their own laptop or iPad?  How can we maximise the learning opportunities (and marketing) from blogging, using Twitter, Apps and QR codes, in a safe and relevant way?

Currently we are where ‘the puck is’, I hope we will be increasingly become cutting edge, moving ahead to where ‘the puck will be’ . . .