The 100 word challenge for grown ups, Week 9.  Prompt to select a genré and include Mary thought . .

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I have decided to write part 3 of The suction pads had failed! linking with earlier pieces I have submitted. (Below as a re-cap, part 1 and 2)

Part 1

The suction pads had failed, just as he reached out for the priceless jewels! He had fallen the remaining few feet to the gallery floor and immediately adopted as wide a body position as he could in the hope that the pressure sensors would not be triggered.

His brilliant plan had failed; how on earth was he going to get out of this fix?!  Blackening his entire body and the special suit clearly identified what he had been up to.  “Maybe if I lie perfectly still I will not be spotted before I come up with a plan!” he whispered.

Part 2

The alarm went off; within seconds the security guard arrived in the main gallery.  The burglar thought with lightening speed and spoke with confidence.  “Good evening, it might seem like I have come unstuck!  But nothing could be further from the truth”.  The guard looked perplexed.

“My submission as a living sculpture, symbolising the end of the local steel industry was rejected.  I am here to protest in support of artistic opportunities for all!”

The guard was unmoved and escorted the intruder towards the security office.  Then, unexpectedly, the burglar dived through a window, down a grass bank and disappeared into the darkness.

Part 3 – chosen genré – drama/crime

Roger dived into the shed and used a cocktail of cleaning products to remove the black shoe polish. Slipping back into the house he thought he was safe, but he was spotted.

Mary thought the shoe polish behind Roger’s ears was suspicious!  The News came on, top story – ‘Suspected robber disappears from the museum.’

“Roger, the guy on the CCTV video they are seeking to speak to looks awfully like you, is there something you need to tell me?” “No dear, I have just been out for a jog.”

The door bell rang and there was a police officer at the door.

(In response to comments, Part 4 below, to share what happened next.  Written in 100 words to maintain the set format of the 100 word challenge)

Part 4

“Good evening sir, we would like you to help us with our enquiries.”

Roger went to collect his coat.  He appeared to go to the cupboard but actually entered the garage.   He boarded his homemade micro light and was gone, adding to the shadows of the night.

Three days later the wreckage of the micro light was found washed up on the beach and Roger was presumed dead.

Mary, his wife, moved several months later, to be nearer to relatives she had said but everyone wondered, had Roger come up with a cunning plan just when he needed it most?!