The 100 word challenge for grown ups, Week 8.  Prompt – the alarm went off . .

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I have decided to write part 2 linking with an earlier piece I submitted. (Below as a re-cap)

Part 1

The suction pads had failed, just as he reached out for the priceless jewels! He had fallen the remaining few feet to the gallery floor and immediately adopted as wide a body position as he could in the hope that the pressure sensors would not be triggered.

His brilliant plan had failed; how on earth was he going to get out of this fix?!  Blackening his entire body and the special suit clearly identified what he had been up to.  ‘Maybe if I lie perfectly still I will not be spotted before I come up with a plan!’ he whispered.

Part 2

The alarm went off; within seconds the security guard arrived in the main gallery.  The burglar thought with lightening speed and spoke with confidence.  “Good evening, it might seem like I have come unstuck!  But nothing could be further from the truth”.  The guard looked perplexed.

“My submission as a living sculpture, symbolising the end of the local steel industry was rejected.  I am here to protest in support of artistic opportunities for all!”

The guard was unmoved and escorted the intruder towards the security office.  Then, unexpectedly, the burglar dived through a window, down a grass bank and disappeared into the darkness.