Week 5, the one hundred word challenge for grown ups. This week’s prompt, the sun shone but . . . .

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His thoughts had been focused on one thing, maintaining freedom. He had sailed too young to fight and signed up in Australia.  In North Africa he was buried alive when the gun carriage was hit; he was the only one to survive.  In Ypres the sun shone but there was nothing to rejoice in. The constant relentless gun fire, the fear of gas and the carnage was incomprehensible.  16.3 million deaths, but it was not the war to end all wars.

There is never any glory in war, only the commitment to fight and be prepared to die for a cause you believe in.

My piece this week is in honour of my grandfather.  He survived WWI but the impact on his health was significant and sadly he died at a young age.  I wonder if he truly knew the horrors he was getting into, I suspect not.

His courage and commitment are an inspiration to me to be true to what matters to me in life.  I will never have to endure the pain, suffering and endless hell he went through in war.