Week 4, the one hundred word challenge for grown ups. This week’s prompt, 5 words: ripple, brood, evocative, lift and untoward (which can be used in any order).  Post note . . ooops used lift instead of lilt, apologies! Please view other submissions and resources at The Head’s Office: http://www.theheadsoffice.co.uk/ To follow on Twitter: @theheadsoffice

The news started as a ripple, but soon the full impact of what had happened erupted throughout the college.  This time she had gone too far.   She had challenged the status quo with what the authorities saw as untoward and evocative statements.  She had sought to lift the aspirations of the girls, to broaden their horizons, but to no avail.  The backlash had been swift and decisive.  Like a brood of vipers the management had conspired together; twisting and weaving false accusations against her.  Her fate was sealed.  She was considered too radical and was immediately dismissed from her post.  (Inspired by the film Mona Lisa Smile)