Week 4, the one hundred word challenge for grown ups. This week’s prompt, 5 words: ripple,brood, evocative, lilt and untoward (which can be used in any order). Please view other submissions and resources at The Head’s Office: http://www.theheadsoffice.co.uk/ To follow on Twitter: @theheadsoffice

He reflected on the idyllic summer days of his childhood.  Long bike rides in the countryside followed by a glass of chilled lilt and a bowl of raspberry ripple ice cream; such simple innocent pleasures!

Then as a teenager his conscious was awakened.  He would meet with militant friends and brood over animal rights issues.  When the policeman knocked at the door his family were shocked to learn of his untoward action; graffiti painted on walls in their town.   It was a phase that passed and instead he wrote evocative letters to the press to continue to highlight their campaign.