This post is my first effort to contribute to Julia Skinner’s “The Head’s Office” 100 word challenge for adults! Julia sets weekly challenges, generally to inspire young people to write a 100 word piece of creative writing on a given theme or in response to a photograph. It’s a great initiative, really enjoyed by children and is undoubtably having a positive impacting on young people’s creative writing! The Head’s Office at: To follow on Twitter: @theheadsoffice

The prompt was . . . Why does it always happen that . . .

Why does it always happen that people generally complain about their job rather than say what they enjoy about it?  Is it cultural, like talking about the weather?  Why do people frequently believe that ‘the grass is greener’ somewhere else? The irony is, often when people change their job they find the same issues and frustrations are there; the people’s names are just different!  I think sometimes folks need to ‘hang in there’ and work through the challenges.  I certainly believe in career progression and taking opportunities, but you can visualise the colleagues I mean. ‘The grass is always greener, until you spot the chilli powder!’