Also refer to great blogs and websites

Subjects (listed alphabetically)


Art and craft videos, step by step guidance on how to complete the activities

Creative writing

100 word challenge and other resources –  I really like the 100 word challenge for children under 16.  Who can describe a photograph or add on to so opening words in the most creative way, with 100 word limit.

Encouraging children’s writing – next step beyond 100 word challenge for children’s writing!  – Mrs Davies Blog

The 6 Best Online Writing Resources for Teachers – Julian Wood


Different types of texts ref. against year groups, yr 1 – 6

ICT                                                                                                                                                                                                        List of Primary School ICT Leaders blogs – very helpful link! @johnmclear

A Math Hater’s Five Fav Mathematics Resources  The Innovative Educator.  Some good ideas here and links to other sites.

Interactive Mathematics dictionary for children –


Science activities – – Kerry @MultipleMummy

Images for primary Science lessons
–  Use these images to provide ideas and inspiration for Science in your classroom. They could be used as a lesson
starter to review what the children already know, or as part of main activities when you introduce new concepts or put them up on a classroom display!

Compare the planets with this visual comparison. View a image of each planet as it’s real ratio.

Educational games

Free on-line games and creative activities for the very young –

Websites with resources for a number of subject areas 

Free lesson ideas and activities – – Teaching Ideas has thousands of free lesson ideas, activities and resources which you can use in your classroom, Mark Warner