An easy guide to get you started in under 5 minutes . . .

1.  Before you start decide if you are going to use your own name or be anonymous with your blog address and new post titles etc.  There are various angles on this and I am not going to seek to unpack them, or express my viewpoint, beyond giving a word of caution: it is worth reflecting on the message you convey to others, intended or otherwise, by the name and titles you use.  Read all relevant policies carefully if you are e.g. employed by a school/company.

2.  There are various sites you can set a blog up on.  I have heard a lot about Posterous and Word Press in the last few weeks.  I looked at a number of people’s blogs via Twitter and went for Word Press (NB .com rather than .org.   I have not explored the latter).  I cannot comment on Posterous as I have not viewed it.  I have chosen the free site opinion on, but I can pay and upgrade in the future if I wish.  The down side of the free option is ads pop up at the side/bottom of my blog that I have no control over; however, I have the same problem with my home email account, so I am not convinced it’s too distracting to the viewer/we are used to selectively screening out things we do not wish to view.  I think a free site is a good starting point. You can then develop your blog and pay for upgrades as and when you feel necessary.

3.  Go for a simple address e.g.

4. Go for a simple password, but I would recommend not the same as e.g. your banking password! ( A combination of letters and numbers is generally regarded as more secure)

5.  Select the language of your choice for the blog and you are away!

If you select Word Press, go to the website, click on the orange button on the left, ‘Get started here’, then follow points 3 – 5 above

My next blog will be on making your blog look more professional/’pucker’ as Jamie Oliver would say!