Some people question the point of blogs, what is the value in blogging?  Here are my thoughts on – Why Blog?

A blog gives you a ‘voice’ so you can:

  • share what you are passionate about
  • help others gain knowledge and understanding
  • share good practice, programs and resources
  • widen people’s perspectives by explaining a different viewpoint or new concept
  • encourage others to reflect
  • inspire others to try something new, to grow, develop and change

A blog facilitates personal learning and reflection.  Through the process of writing your thoughts and ideas become clearer and develop further.  Plus, seeing what you have written, presented in a professional way, is a very positive and motivating experience!

Blogging enables conversation and can lead to global connectivity, if other people choose to comment on your blog.  The conversation maybe with someone you know or do not know, locally or internationally.  Depending on their comment and viewpoint you may decide to view their blog, if they have one and so the learning, reflecting and sharing goes to a further level.  The global dimension enables us to have a greater awareness of what is current worldwide.

Blogging therefore has outward and inward benefits.

Here is a link to a brief video, lasting about 1.30 mins, on the impact of blogging.  It is well worth viewing and sharing with anyone who has reservations about the benefits of blogging.