My first ever blog!  Something I have wished to do for several years and thanks to conversations at a TeachMeet this week I now know enough to make a tentative start!  Hopefully the presentation will improve as I get more familiar with the tools etc, please bear with me! (Now tweaked and developed so hopefully looks ok?!)

Last summer I considered getting an iPhone; could I justify the expense?  Opting for the angle that life was too short, let’s live it (a topic for another day) and encouraged by a comment from my brother, that technology was moving so fast you may not need it for the ‘phone element but maybe wise for the applications, so that you keep up to date/if you fall too far behind it might be very difficult to catch up, I decided the dinosaur of a brick, that was my mobile ‘phone,  needed to go!

Google maps make a huge difference to my life almost every day (I do not have sat nav).  Email access where ever I am has revolutionised communications for me.  Professionally and most significantly, I started  to use Twitter this spring.  The CPD opportunities this has provided are awesome and unquantifiable.  It has aided my professional reflection, enhanced my awareness of what is current and helped me to challenge colleagues to move forward with technology to support teaching and learning.  Finally, this week I experienced TeachMeet for the first time.  I was so enthused in the lead up that I shared the concept with my Deputy Head and Director of Studies and a very good friend who is a Head too and am delighted to say they were all ‘up for it’ and joined me for an event.
Technology moves at a pace.  It aids and supports teaching and learning.  As leaders in education the baton is in our hands, to pass on what we know.  To be passionate and have a vision for what can be, education at it’s very best, for all our pupils.  We cannot afford to stand still.  Yes we need to be reflective and gauge what is right for our given context/school community, but we need to be pro-active, inspiring colleagues and pupils to maximise the opportunities/their potential.